Young Guns

Six reasons why the west was wild
Six reasons why the west was wild
D: Christopher Cain
Vestron/Morgan Creek (Joe Roth & Christopher Cain)
US 1988
107 mins
W: John Fusco
DP: Dean Semler
Ed: Jack Hofstra
Mus: Anthony Marianelli & Brian Banks
PD: Jane Musky

Emilio Estevez (Billy The Kid), Kiefer Sutherland (Doc Scurlock), Lou Diamond Phillips (Jose Chavez y Chavez), Charlie Sheen (Dick Brewer), Dermot Mulroney (Dirty Steve), Casey Siemaszko (Charlie Bowdre)
Billy The Kid joins a group of cowboys and turns them into outlaws.
A cross between an 80's Brat Pack comedy and an old style Western, which appeals more to fanbase of the former. Good fun, but not great, and it really hasn't dated particularly well.
A sequel followed two years later, with a better soundtrack than it did a story.

Young Guns
Young Guns