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I'm just your regular cinephile and movie geek. I grew up with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman and a lot of 1980's cheese, falling in love with movies in 1994 when my tastes matured and I began watching more independent works and world cinema, as well as the classics. I judge films on a vast criteria, balancing artistic merit with entertainment value, as well as the quality of the performances, writing, cinematography and various other production values (signified by the credit highlighted in italic font in my review). My biggest hate is lazy remakes, personally I feel that unless the original film cannot be improved upon or redefined into a different genre, it should be left well alone. Film is art, and as such, lazy remakes are practically the same as painting a carbon copy of a famous painting and passing it off as your own work. It just doesn't fly with me. I'm also averse to in-your-face product placement, I like to watch movies, not adverts.

I don't have a favourite genre, per sé, though I tend to not enjoy modern horror movies as much as other films, though there have been a handful which have met my satisfaction.

This page is dedicated to my reviewing and rating of movies I've seen and doing the occasional "best of/worst of" lists.  As well as The Milstead Movie Awards where I've adjudged the best and worst movies of each year (think of it as the Oscars without the politics or campaigning). Try not to take it personally if I haven't named your favourites amongst the best of the year, this is my personal opinion. Likewise with what I consider the worst of the year, some of them may be guilty pleasures, but it's only what I've considered to be the worst film of the year. Some of which are etched into cinema infamy as the "best of the worst".



****All reviews are of my own personal judgements having been a movie buff for practically my entire life and do not represent the opinion of anybody else, any film review with similarities to another, either online or in print, is purely coincidental. Occasionally, the viewing of a film has made me angry, so I have vented frustration by using the occasional obscenity in some reviews. I apologise for any offence caused.  Obviously, the enjoyment of any film is subjective, so if I'm unfair on your favourite movie(s), it's really nothing personal. One man's Star Wars is another man's Battlefield Earth (and vice versa). I do try my best to explain why I like or loathe each film and try not to let prejudices towards a certain star or director sway my decision (which is easier said than done). Although all the reviews are my own work, I claim no ownership to any poster artwork, images or video links, but they are included here under a fair use policy which does not contravene with copyright law. Please enjoy the site.****


Reviews are constantly being added and amended, so if one of your favourites isn't included yet, it will be in due course. As of January 2020, due to storage limitations, my reviews have also been added to the site Letterboxd, and you may be redirected there to read some reviews which have now been removed from this site.


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    Mr Furious (Monday, 28 October 2019 23:04)

    Mystery Men 6/10 - you suck! Rage taking over!!!

  • #2

    Boaty McBoatface (Monday, 21 October 2019 13:49)

    A wonderful website with an extensive list of reviewed films and agree with the majority- however the review of House of Wax is way off the mark 3/10 i think you meant 8/10!

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    Annabella Fleming (Sunday, 10 March 2019 00:27)

    1st time visitor and just wondered whether Leave No Trace (the last film I saw) had a mention. I was pleasantly surprised and agree with your critique. I found the closing track hauntingly beautiful.