The Young Victoria


D: Jean-Marc Vallée

Momentum/GK Films (Martin Scorsese, Graham King, Timothy Headington & Sarah Ferguson)

UK/US 2009

105 mins


W: Julian Fellowes

DP: Hagen Bogdanski

Ed: Jill Bilcock & Matt Garner

Mus: Ilan Eshkeri

PD: Patrice Vermette

Cos: Sandy Powell

Emily Blunt (Queen Victoria), Rupert Friend (Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha), Miranda Richardson (The Duchess Of Kent), Mark Strong (Sir John Conroy), Jim Broadbent (King William IV), Paul Brittany (Lord Melbourne), Harriet Walter (Queen Adelaide)

This historical drama focuses on the early days Queen Victoria's reign, as she is bound by a political rule that she sits as a regent until she comes of age, as well as focusing on her blossoming relationship with Prince Albert, whom she would subsequently marry and have children with.

This historical romantic drama has fine attention to period detail, especially with the Oscar-winning costumes, and boasts a wonderful performance by lead Emily Blunt. The story, however, has been relocated from other period pieces into the opulent palaces of royalty. It's practically a BBC miniseries with a bigger production budget. It also fails to mention anything of Victoria's addition to cocaine.

Still, it will be very well received by those who like these kinds of movies.


Emily Blunt & Rupert Friend in The Young Victoria
Emily Blunt & Rupert Friend in The Young Victoria