D: Peter Weir
Paramount (Edward S. Feldman)
US 1985
112 mins


W: Earl W. Wallace & William Kelley
DP: John Seale
Ed: Thom Noble
Mus: Maurice Jarre
PD: Stan Jolley

Harrison Ford (John Book), Kelly McGillis (Rachel Lapp), Josef Sommer (Schaeffer), Lukas Haas (Samuel Lapp), Jan Rubes (Eli Lapp), Alexander Godunov (Daniel Hochleitner), Patti LuPone (Elaine), Danny Glover (McFee)

Witness is one of the best thrillers of the 1980's, featuring one of Harrison Ford's finest performance, which secured his only nomination (to date) for a Best Actor Oscar.         
A young Amish boy witnesses a murder at a train station restroom. The case is investigated by homicide detective John Book (Ford), but when it emerges that the crime was carried out by a fellow officer and there's a cover up within his department, he goes into hiding with the boy and his mother with an Amish community in Pennsylvania where he must respect their humble ways.
The clever screenplay provides a unique twist on both standard crime thrillers as well as a fish-out-of-water tale. Another factor which aids the film is the direction of Peter Weir, who presents the devout lifestyle with a genuine respect for the people. A winner of two Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay.

Lukas Haas in Witness
Lukas Haas in Witness