Withnail & I

D: Bruce Robinson
Handmade Films (Paul M. Heller)
UK 1987
108 mins


W: Bruce Robinson [based on his play]
DP: Peter Hannan
Ed: Alan Strachan
Mus: David Dundas

Richard E. Grant (Withnail), Paul McGann (Marwood), Richard Griffiths (Uncle Monty), Ralph Brown (Danny), Michael Elphick (Jake)

A 1980's cult favourite, especially amongst students who formed a drinking game out of it.
The story is a semi-autobiographical account from director-screenwriter Bruce Robinson about two unemployed actors in the late 1960's who spend the majority of their time getting as drunk as possible.
One of them asks for the loan of his uncle's country house and they both head up north to Cumbria where they continue their boozy ways but are completely out of their comfort zone in the quaint rural village of Penrith, especially amongst the rogue bulls, irascible farmers and not having a clue how to cook a (live) chicken.
One of Britain's best movies of the late 1980's. Hilarious in parts, touchingly poetic in others, but a great watch all the same.

Paul McCann & Richard E. Grant in Withnail & I
Paul McCann & Richard E. Grant in Withnail & I