Wild Tales

Six deadly stories of revenge
Six deadly stories of revenge
D: Damian Szifron
Warner Bros/Corner/El Deseo (Hugo Sigman, Pedro Almodóvar & Agustin Almodóvar)
Argentina 2014
122 mins


W: Damian Szifron
DP: Javier Julia
Ed: Damian Szifron & Pablo Barbieri Carrera 
Mus: Gustavo Santaolalla

Ricardo Darin (Simón), Oscar Martinez (Mauricio), Leonardo Sbaraglia (Diego), Erica Rivas (Romina), Rita Cortese (Cocinera), Julieta Zylberberg (Moza)

Wild Things is an anthology of short stories, all between 10-30 minutes long which have revenge as their thematic inspiration and a lace of black comedy which runs through each segment.
The quality and humour of the stories varies from chapter to chapter, with arguably the best saved for last, when a bride gets her own back on her cheating husband during their wedding reception.
Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of 2014, it's actually a bit of a dishonour that it didn't emerge victorious.     

Erica Rivas in Wild Tales
Erica Rivas in Wild Tales