Wild Orchid

D: Zalman King
Triumph/Vision (Mark Damon & Tony Anthony)
US 1990
111 mins


W: Patricia Louisianna Knop & Zalman King         
DP: Gale Tattersall
Ed: Marc Grossman & Glenn A. Morgan
Mus: Geoff MacCormack & Simon Goldenberg

Mickey Rourke (James Wheeler), Carré Otis (Emily Reed), Jacqueline Bisset (Claudia Dennis), Bruce Greenwood (Jerome)

Softcore porn trash dressed up as romance, introducing Carré Otis as a lawyer who meets billionaire Mickey Rourke while on holiday in Rio de Janeiro and eventually gets the fuck of her life.
It's frequently rumoured that the steamy sex scenes between Rourke and Otis, a real-life couple at the time of shooting, weren't faked, although this rumour wouldn't explain why the performances are so unconvincing, especially from Carré Otis, very beautiful to look at but a complete embarrassment to watch attempting to act.
Carré Otis in Wild Orchid
Carré Otis in Wild Orchid