When Worlds Collide

D: Rudolph Maté
Paramount (George Pal)
US 1951
82 mins

Science Fiction/Adventure

W: Sydney Boehm [based on the novel by Philip Wyle & Edwin Balmer]
DP: John Seitz & W. Howard Greene
Ed: Arthur P. Schmidt
Mus: Leith Stevens 
PD: Hal Pereira & Albert Nozaki

Richard Derr (David Randall), Barbara Rush (Joyce Hendron), Larry Keating (Dr. Cole Hendron), Peter Hansen (Dr. Tony Drake), John Hoyt (Sydney Stanton)

Another planet is hurtling towards Earth and a pilot and an astronomer face a race against time to create an "ark" to transport the world's population.
The special effects, model work and matte paintings may look rudimentary by modern standards, but for the film's age they are all incredibly well done and have at least dated much better than the garbled, nonsensical dialogue.
Armageddon for the 1950's, except with a slightly more believable storyline and more convincing performances.

When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide