What Dreams May Come

After life, there is more
After life, there is more
D: Vincent Ward
Polygram/Interscope/Metafilmics (Stephen Simon & Barnet Bain)
US 1998
113 mins


W: Ron Bass [based on the novel by Richard Matheson]
DP: Eduardo Serra
Ed: David Brenner & Maysie Hoy
Mus: Michael Kamen
PD: Eugenio Zanetti

Robin Williams (Chris Nielsen), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Albert Lewis), Annabella Sciorra (Annie Collins-Nielsen), Max Von Sydow (The Tracker)

An arty and pretentious afterlife film, in which heaven is mostly portrayed as vast oil paintings. Robin Williams, as a doctor who dies in a car accident, must rescue his wife from hell following her subsequent suicide.
Aside from some vivid production design and some unique visual effects, the film doesn't manage to capture the imagination the way it anticipates or really should, perhaps due to the dialogue which resorts mostly to psychobabble nonsense. Visually, it's quite splendid, but the story simply isn't strong enough to carry the aesthetics.
What Dreams May Come
What Dreams May Come