Where nothing can possibly go worng
Where nothing can possibly go worng
D: Michael Crichton
MGM (Paul N. Lazarus)
US 1973
89 mins

Adventure/Science Fiction/Western

W: Michael Crichton
DP: Gene Polito 
Ed: David Bretherton 
Mus: Fred Karlin
PD: Herman Blumenthal

Richard Benjamin (Peter Martin), James Brolin (John Blane), Yul Brynner (The Gunslinger), Alan Oppenheimer (Chief Supervisor), Dick Van Patten (The Banker)

Written and directed by Michael Crichton and clearly a huge inspiration for his most famous work, Jurassic Park. 
Set inside a theme park where guests can recreate the past, including the Wild West, a robot cowboy malfunctions and relentlessly pursues two of the visitors.
Fine entertainment, even four decades later, with Yul Brynner delivering a brilliantly menacing performance as the out of control android. Unfortunately for Michael Crichton, he dated the story himself by taking the exact same formula and going one step further with his 1990 novel (Jurassic Park).

Yul Brynner in Westworld
Yul Brynner in Westworld

Is this you... or are you you?
Is this you... or are you you?
D: Richard T. Heffron
AIP (Samuel Z. Arkoff, James T. Aubrey, Jr. & Paul Lazarus III)
USA 1976
107 mins 

Science Fiction/Thriller

W: Mayo Simon & George Schenck
DP: Howard Schwartz & Gene Polito
Ed: James Mitchell
Mus: Fred Karlin

Peter Fonda (Chuck Browning), Blythe Danner (Tracy Ballard), Arthur Hill (Dr. Duffy), John Ryan (Dr. Schneider), Yul Brynner (The Gunslinger)

Boring sequel to Westworld, starring Peter Fonda & Blythe Danner as journalists who visit the theme park two years after the malfunctioning events in the first film and uncover a conspiracy with the robots being created there.
This film may have a bigger budget than the original film, but is inferior in story, thrills, suspense and tension.