Weird Science

D: John Hughes
Universal (Joel Silver)
US 1985
94 mins

Comedy/Science Fiction/Fantasy

W: John Hughes
DP: Matthew F. Leonetti
Ed: Mark Warner, Chris Lebenzon & Scott Wallace
Mus: Ira Newborn

Anthony Michael Hall (Gary), Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Wyatt), Kelly LeBrock (Lisa), Bill Paxton (Chet), Robert Downey, Jr. (Ian)

John Hughes films perfectly captured 1980's cheese in a non-offensive way with the majority of his films and the same goes for Weird Science, a cult favourite in which two nerdy high school students design the perfect woman on a computer and they suddenly become popular on campus.
The film has plenty of flaws if you wish to pull it apart, including some rather tacky special effects and a script that is beyond ludicrous. Still, it's hugely enjoyable for what it is, though modern audiences probably won't enjoy it the way nostalgic eyes will.
The plot became the basis for a TV sitcom which aired in the 1990's.
Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science
Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science