The Wrong Man

D: Alfred Hitchcock
Warner Bros (Alfred Hitchcock)
US 1956
105 mins


W: Maxwell Anderson & Angus MacPhail
DP: Robert Burks
Ed: George Tomasini
Mus: Bernard Herrmann

Henry Fonda (Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero), Vera Miles (Rose Balestrero), Anthony Quayle (Frank O'Connor), Harold J. Stone (Lt. Bowers), Esther Minciotti (Mrs. Balestrero)

The Wrong Man is one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser known films, but is equally as good as many of his most well known movies.
Henry Fonda gives an astounding performance as Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero, a jazz musician and family man who is arrested for a crime that he didn't commit and may face a lengthy prison sentence when all the evidence appears to conspire against him, leaving his attorney with an impossible job and driving his wife to the brink of insanity.
The story is based on a real life event, tweaked slightly for dramatic effect. 
Fans of Hitchcock won't be disappointed with this one.

The Wrong Man
The Wrong Man