The Woodsman

D: Nicole Kassell
Newmarket (Lee Daniels)
US 2004 (released 2005)
87 mins


W: Nicole Kassell & Steven Fechter [based on the novel by Steven Fechter]
DP: Xavier Perez
Ed: Brian A. Kates & Lisa Fruchtman
Mus: Nathan Larson

Kevin Bacon (Walter), Kyra Sedgwick (Vicki), Eve (Mary Kay), Mos Def (Sgt. Lucas), David Alan Grier (Bob), Benjamin Bratt (Carlos), Michael Shannon (Rosen)

Nicole Kassell handles difficult subject matter very well in this small independent film. Kevin Bacon plays Walter, a paedophile who is released from prison after 12 years and returns to his home town where he finds it increasingly difficult to settle back into life, caught in a vicious circle of self-loathing and helplessness. The subject matter doesn't skirt around the issues that it raises, neither sensationalising or even evoking pity for Bacon's character, who gives an excellent performance in a determinedly focused and low-key role. It's not a pleasant watch, but a very powerful film about a very challenging subject.

The Woodsman
The Woodsman