The Way, Way Back

D: Nat Faxon & Jim Rash
Fox Searchlight/Oddlot (Tom Rice & Kevin J. Walsh)
US 2013
103 mins


W: Nat Faxon & Jim Rash
DP: John Bailey
Ed: Tatiana S. Riegel
Mus: Rob Simonsen

Liam James (Duncan), Steve Carell (Trent), Toni Collette (Pam), Allison Janney (Betty), Sam Rockwell(Owen), Maya Rudolph (Caitlin), Rob Corddry (Kipp), Amanda Peet (Joan)

This is quite easily the feelgood movie of 2013.

Duncan, a shy teenage boy, goes on summer holiday with his mother (Toni Colette) and her complete dick of a boyfriend (Steve Carell).  

In the small summer town, there isn't much to do and Duncan gets a job at the local water park, unbeknownst to his mum, and strikes up a rewarding friendship with the park's extroverted manager (a scene-stealing Sam Rockwell).

Originally, the movie was intended to be set in the 1980's, but budgetary constraints forced the filmmakers to change it to present day.  The story still has a nostalgic force behind it, with reminiscing memories of a favourite holiday, a first crush and a job you loved doing.

All the performances are fantastic, especially Sam Rockwell, who delivers a vibrant, zesty performance as Owen, possibly my favourite supporting character of 2013.  Those expecting the Steve Carell from Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, et al, may be disappointed with his performance in this. He's a complete tool.

The title refers to the (hidden) seat at the rear of the car, where Duncan often finds himself during journeys.

Do yourself a favour and give this movie a watch on a day when you're feeling down.


The Way, Way Back
The Way, Way Back