The Warriors

These are the armies of the night
These are the armies of the night

D: Walter Hill
Paramount (Lawrence Gordon)
US 1979
94 mins


W: David Shaber & Walter Hill [based on the novel by Sol Yurick]
DP: Andrew Laszlo
Ed: David Holden, Freeman Davies, Billy Weber & Susan Morse
Mus: Barry de Vorzon
Cos: Bobbie Mannix

Michael Beck (Swan), James Remar (Ajax), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Mercy), Brian Tyler (Snow), David Harris (Cochise), Tom McKitterick (Cowboy)

Stylish and seminal cult favourite exploitation film. Opening with an iconic credit sequence accompanied by a guitar-shredding music theme from Barry de Vorzon.
Adapted from Sol Yurick's novel, the story sees various groups of gangs from New York City and bordering areas rally, where one of the gang leader's is hoping for unity, but is murdered during his address.
A gang from Coney Island, nicknamed The Warriors, find themselves blamed for the murder and try to find their way back across the city to their solace by the sea.
A gangland version of American Graffiti, with each separate gang wearing a costume that has its own bit of personality. Hugely theatrical, with occasional moments of crime and violence, but the principal focus is on style rather than bloodshed.
Director Walter Hill's next film was Southern Comfort (qv), a variation on the same idea, relocated to the swamps of Louisiana.

The Warriors
The Warriors