The coast is toast
The coast is toast
D: Mick Jackson
20th Century Fox (Neal H. Moritz & Andrew Z. Davis)
US 1997
102 mins


W: Jerome Armstrong & Billy Ray
DP: Theo van de Sande
Ed: Michael Tronick & Don Brochu
Mus: Alan Silvestri

Tommy Lee Jones (Mike Roark), Anne Heche (Amy Barnes), Gaby Hoffman (Kelly Roark), Don Cheadle (Emmit Reese), Jacqueline Kim (Jaye Calder), Keith David (Lt. Ed Fox)

Great tagline! The movie itself... not so much.
A tunnel excavation beneath Los Angeles awakens a dormant volcano to erupt, causing the destruction of the city.
Released the same year as Dante's Peak (qv), this is the doppelgänger movie which is rock 'n' roll to its twin's classical music.
The laws of physics are of course thrown aside in order for special effects to tell the story, and there's an unintentionally laughable moment when a brave firefighter throws a member of the public to safety as he melts into a sea of lava. 
A brainless disaster.