The Vikings

D: Richard Fleischer
United Artists/KD (Jerry Bresler)
US 1958
116 mins


W: Calder Willingham & Dale Wasserman [based on the novel "The Viking" by Edison Marshall]
DP: Jack Cardiff
Ed: Elmo Williams
Mus: Mario Nascimbene
PD: Harper Goff

Kirk Douglas (Einar), Tony Curtis (Eric), Ernest Borgnine (Ragnar Lodbrok), Janet Leigh (Morgana), Alexander Knox (Father Godwin), Orson Welles (narrator)

Though released in 1958, The Vikings is at least a decade ahead of its time in respect of style, cinematography, location shooting and all-round production values.
Kirk Douglas plays a Viking prince and Tony Curtis a slave, both of whom fight for the love of a beautiful woman as well as the throne.
A timeless sword and sandals adventure that should rightly fit into any public holiday viewing schedule.

The Vikings
The Vikings