Under Siege (1 & 2)

D: Andrew Davis
Warner Bros. (Arnon Milchan, Steven Seagal & Steven Reuther)
US 1992
102 mins


W: J.F. Lawton
DP: Frank Tidy
Ed: Robert A. Ferretti
Mus: Gary Chang

Steven Seagal (Casey Ryback), Tommy Lee Jones (Bill Strannix), Gary Busey (Krill), Erika Eleniak (Jordan Tate), Colm Meaney (Daumer), Patrick O'Neal (Capt. Adams)

Probably the first action film to utilise the Die Hard formula of one man against an army of bad guys to good effect, taking place on an American battleship where Navy SEAL-turned-cook Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal) takes on a team of terrorists who threaten to unleash the payload of weaponry unless they get their own way.
Of course, it's all far fetched nonsense with some rather wooden performances (Seagal and Eleniak mostly), but there's enough thrills and spills to keep it ticking over, while the energetic performances of the two bad guys (Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones) more than make up for the ropier performances.

Steven Seagal in Under Siege
Steven Seagal in Under Siege

D: Geoff Murphy
Warner Bros./Regency (Arnon Milchan, Steven Seagal & Steve Perry)
US 1995
99 mins


W: Richard Hatem & Matt Reeves
DP: Robbie Greenberg, Alexander Witt & Rick Bota
Ed: Michael Tronick
Mus: Basil Poledouris

Steven Seagal (Casey Ryback), Eric Bogosian (Travis Dane), Everett McGill (Marcus Penn), Katherine Heigl (Sarah Ryback), Morris Chestnut (Bobby Zachs)

1992's Under Siege was good fun, but not quite good enough to warrant a sequel. In fact, this isn't one, it just features the same character (although he's just a chef in this, having left the navy) in another fight against terrorists utilising the Die Hard formula which has since become incredibly stale. 
The location here is a high speed train, which the bad guys plan to use as a mobile military platform. It also throws in a niece character for some reason (Katharine Heigl), though she's given barely anything to do except sit down and look scared.
A lacklustre sequel which deserved to go completely under the radar.
Steven Seagal in Under Siege II: Dark Territory
Steven Seagal in Under Siege II: Dark Territory