U-571 (15)
D: Jonathan Mostow
Universal/Canal+ (Dino de Laurentiis & Martha de Laurentiis)
US/France 2000
116 mins


W: Jonathan Mostow, Sam Montgomery & David Ayer
DP: Oliver Wood
Ed: Wayne Wahrman
Mus: Richard Marvin

Matthew McConaughey (Lt. Andrew Tyler), Bill Paxton (Lt. Cmmdr. Mike Dahlgren), Harvey Keitel (CGM, Henry Klough), Jon Bon Jovi (Lt. Pete Emmett), David Keith (Maj. Matthew Coonan), Thomas Kretschmann (Capt. Lt. Günther Wassner)

God bless America! This bog-standard flagwaver takes a key point of wartime history credited to the British military and re-attributes it to the Americans, starring Matthew McConaughey and the rest of an all-star cast as a naval crew who locate and steal an Enigma decoding machine and make their escape in a German U-boat. 
The film has plenty of thrilling action scenes, including one of supreme tension when the vessel has to dive beneath the onslaught of multiple depth charges, but to take credit for another nation's work is just too cheeky. Entertaining enough for its run time, but it's all lies.