The dark side of nature
The dark side of nature
D: Jan de Bont
Warner Bros./Universal/Amblin (Kathleen Kennedy, Ian Bryce & Michael Crichton)
US 1996
113 mins


W: Michael Crichton & Anne-Marie Martin
DP: Jack N. Green
Ed: Michael Kahn
Mus: Mark Mancina

Helen Hunt (Jo Harding), Bill Paxton (Bill Harding), Cary Elwes (Jonas Miller), Jami Gertz (Melissa Reeves), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Dusty Davis), Alan Ruck (Robert Nurick)

Jan de Bont's follow up to Speed once again does what it says on the tin. It's a thrilling adventure about twisters and a group of scientists who endeavour to find out more about them.
There's a rather needless love story between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt wedged into the action which does nothing for the film except make Jami Gertz look like a terrible actress. The plot also sets up a rival group of scientists as the villains, but this ends before it really gets onto its feet.
It's really worth watching only for the stunning visual effects, which will almost literally blow you away.