Only their mother can tell them apart
Only their mother can tell them apart
D: Ivan Reitman
Universal (Ivan Reitman)
US 1988
107 mins


W: William Davies, William Osborne, Timothy Harris & Herschel Weingrod
DP: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Ed: Sheldon Kahn & Donn Cambern
Mus: Georges Delerue & Randy Edelman

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Julius Benedict), Danny DeVito (Vincent Benedict), Kelly Preston (Marnie Mason), Chloe Webb (Linda Mason), Bonnie Bartlett (Mary Ann Benedict), Marshall Bell (Mr. Webster)

Twins has one driving force behind the plot and just runs with it for 107 minutes. 
Adding a plot twist to the mismatched partner road movie genre which flooded the mid-to-late 1980's, the main joke in this comedy sees Arnold Schwarzenegger play his polar opposite Danny DeVito's twin brother. The product of a science experiment to create the "perfect man", Schwarzenegger's flawlessly toned but emotionally naïve Julius is raised with education on a secluded island, while DeVito's Vincent is raised in an orphanage and becomes a small time crook who plans to take his newly-found brother along on the ride for one last scam. 
The story doesn't really delve deeper into the "surroundings make the man" subplot which it skirts around in its build up, and is enjoyable simply for the partnership of the two physically mismatched leading men.

Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins
Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins