Tron / Tron: Legacy

A world inside the computer where man has never been. Never before now.
A world inside the computer where man has never been. Never before now.
D: Steven Lisburger
Disney (Donald Kushner)
US 1982
96 mins

Science Fiction/Fantasy

W: Steven Lisburger
DP: Bruce Logan
Mus: Michael Femer
PD: Dean Edward Mintzer
Cos: Rosanna Norton & Elois Janssen

Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn), Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley), David Warner (Ed Dillinger), Barnard Hughes (Dr. Walter Gibbs), Cindy Morgan (Dr. Lora Baines)

A computer game designer becomes trapped in the games that he created.
At the time of production, the concept behind Tron was hugely groundbreaking, and the production itself attempted to match it, both aesthetically with its style and visual effects, to mixed reception. 
In 1982, the computer generated effects on show were a new dawn of filmmaking and marvel to behold. Watching now, they're rather painful on the eye. The film still has some iconic set pieces, including the light cycle chase and other various games which the programmer must play to the death, but aside from these moments it has dated very poorly. It's not a bad film, but it's very much a product of its time and modern eyes simply find it difficult to look back on favourably.


D: Joseph Kosinski
Disney (Sean Bailey, Jeffrey Silver & Steven Lisburger)
US 2010
127 mins

Science Fiction/Fantasy

W: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz [based on characters created by Steven Lisburger]         
DP: Claudio Miranda
Ed: James Haygood
Mus: Daft Punk

Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn), Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn),  Olivia Wilde (Quorra), Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley), Michael Sheen (Zuse / Castor)

The original Tron, with its dated computer generated effects, was in dire need of a makeover when this sequel surfaced in 2010.
In fairness, it's more of a remake than a sequel, recycling all the plot devices from the first film for a new generation of audience members. The visual effects on show are much better here, with energetic music provided by Daft Punk. There's no real improvement on the story though, meaning disappointment for those who were fans of the original film. It falls between two stools of being not original enough to stand on its own two feet and appealing only to those who have seen the incredibly dated 1982 film.

Tron: Legacy
Tron: Legacy