Train to Busan

Get on board to stay alive
Get on board to stay alive


D: Yeon Sang-Ho

Next Entertainment World/Red Peter (Lee Dong-Ha)

South Korea 2016

118 mins


W: Park Joo-Suk

DP: Lee Hyung-Deok

Ed: Yang Jin-Mo

Mus: Jang Young-Gyu

Gong Yoo (Seok-Woo), Jung Yu-Mi (Syong Kyeong), Kim Su-An (Soo-An), Ma Dong-Seok (Sang-Hwa), Kim Eui-Sung (Yon-Suk)

Train To Busan is a zombie film from South East Asia with unique difference, all the action is set on a public train heading cross-country.

The film is full of bloody gore to keep horror fans biting their nails, but the action set pieces do have a habit of becoming repetitive.

Still, it's a fair sight better than most of the big budget horror flicks churned out by Hollywood over the same year.


Train to Busan
Train to Busan