Laughter is a state of mind
Laughter is a state of mind
D: Barry Levinson
20th Century Fox (Mark Johnson & Barry Levinson)
US 1992
121 mins


W: Barry Levinson & Valerie Curtin
DP: Adam Greenberg
Ed: Stu Linder
Mus: Hans Zimmer & Trevor Horn
PD: Fernando Scarfiotti
Cos: Albert Wolsky

Robin Williams (Leslie Zevo), Michael Gambon (Lt. Gen. Leland Zevo), Joan Cusack (Alsatia Zevo), Robin Wright (Gwen Tyler), LL Cool J (Capt. Patrick Zevo), Donald O'Connor (Kenneth Zevo), Jack Warden (Gen. Zevo)

Despite some inventive visuals and profligate production design, this film offers nothing else.  It's like getting a big, beautifully wrapped present complete with pretty bows and elaborate ribbons on Christmas morning, but when you open it, it's just an empty box.
Robin Williams and Joan Cusack deliver thoroughly annoying performances as two child-like grown ups who have been screwed out of their toymaker dad's will in favour of their military general uncle who wishes to only make war toys with his newly-inherited factory.
The story is both ridiculous and highly tedious, which is a surprise considering it's written and directed by Barry Levinson, whose previous work includes Rain Man and Bugsy. This is simply a white elephant.