Your senses will never be the same
Your senses will never be the same

TOMMY (15)

D: Ken Russell

Columbia/Hemdale (Robert Stigwood)

UK 1975

108 mins


W: Ken Russell [based on the album "Tommy" by The Who]

DP: Dick Bush & Ronnie Taylor

Ed: Stuart Baird

Mus: The Who

PD: John Clark

Cos: Shirley Russell

Roger Daltrey (Tommy Walker), Ann-Margret (Nora Walker), Oliver Reed (Uncle Frank), Elton John (The Pinball Wizard), Tina Turner (The Acid Queen), Jack Nicholson (Dr. A. Quackson)

A rock opera based on the progressive rock album by The Who, starring the band's frontman as the title character, Tommy, a deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays mean pinball.

As a fan of the band & their music, it helps to watch this film, which is a rather psychedelic experience to say the very least.

The film does have some clever insights into the cult of celebrity, highlighted by the scene in which Eric Clapton plays the preacher of a church that worships Marilyn Monroe.

Ann-Margret is quite excellent as Tommy's mother, and the film does have a very unique visual style and an epic soundtrack, but unless you're a huge fan of the band, then you're unlikely to get a huge amount of enjoyment from this film adaptation of one of their greatest albums.