To Die For

All she wanted was a little attention
All she wanted was a little attention
D: Gus Van Sant
Columbia (Laura Ziskin)
US 1995
107 mins


W: Buck Henry [based on the novel by Joyce Maynard]
DP: Eric Alan Edwards
Ed: Curtiss Clayton
Mus: Danny Elfman

Nicole Kidman (Suzanne Stone Maretto), Matt Dillon (Larry Maretto), Joaquin Phoenix (Jimmy Emmett), Casey Affleck (Russell Hines), Ileana Douglas (Janice Maretto), Dan Hedaya (Joe Maretto), Kurtwood Smith (Earl Stone)

Nicole Kidman received huge critical acclaim for her performance as a fame-hungry TV weather girl who feels her career is being impeded by her husband and begins a string of affairs with teenagers who she hopes to manipulate into killing him.
This deft satire did Nicole Kidman's career a huge favour, putting her in the spotlight as a serious performer. It's a clever study of celebrity status for the sake of celebrity status, with grounded direction from Gus Van Sant and a good screenplay from Buck Henry.
Not to be confused with the 1994 British film of a same name.

Nicole Kidman in To Die For
Nicole Kidman in To Die For