To Catch A Thief

D: Alfred Hitchcock
Paramount (Alfred Hitchcock)
US 1955
103 mins


W: John Michael Hayes [based on the novel by David Dodge]
DP: Robert Burks
Ed: George Tomasini
Mus: Lyn Murray
PD: Hal Pereira & Joseph MacMillan Johnson
Cos: Edith Head

Cary Grant (John Robie), Grace Kelly (Francis Stevens), Jessie Royce Landis (Mrs. Jessie Stevens), John Williams (H.H. Hughson), Charles Vanel (Bertani), Brigitte Auber (Danielle Foussard)

Cary Grant is at his most suave in this minor Hitchcock caper, in which he plays a retired cat burglar now living on the French Riviera. 
When a spate of jewel robberies occur, he becomes the prime suspect and absconds so he can find the real thief, but things become complicated when he catches the eye of a beautiful socialite (Grace Kelly).
This is clearly the film which Hudson Hawk (qv) attempted and failed to parody and even though Hitchcock himself deems it at as one of his 'lesser works', the entertainment factor alone puts it amongst his finest films.
Robert Burks won an Oscar for his cinematography, and the film also received nominations for Best Art Direction & Best Costume Design.
Simple proof that even Hitchcock in lower gears is better than most filmmakers going full pelt.

Cary Grant & Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief
Cary Grant & Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief