Time After Time


D: Nicholas Meyer

Warner Bros / Orion (Herb Jaffe)

US 1979

112 mins

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure

W: Nicholas Meyer [based on the novel by Karl Alexander]

DP: Paul Lohmann

Ed: Donn Cambern

Mus: Miklos Rozsa

PD: Edward Carfango

Malcolm McDowell (H.G. Wells), David Warner (Jack The Ripper), Mary Steenburgen (Amy Robbins), Charles Cioffi (Lt. Mitchell), Patti D’Arbanville (Shirley)

Flawed but fun fantasy adventure which follows Victorian writer and scientist H.G. Wells from 1890’s London to 1970’s San Francisco, in pursuit of Jack The Ripper who evaded capture in his own timeline by using Wells’ fabled time machine.

Upon arrival in modern day California, Wells’ sparks a romance between himself and bank employee, Amy Robbins, who becomes a new target for the stealthy serial killer.

Perfectly entertaining and utilising production values which are fine for the film’s age, it does traipse a line between a time travelling fantasy for younger audiences and a slasher movie for an older audience, but doesn’t really settle on either.

Nevertheless, it makes for a decent watch, and is probably one story idea that could benefit hugely from a remake.


Malcolm McDowell in Time After Time
Malcolm McDowell in Time After Time