Three Kings

D: David O. Russell
Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Coast Ridge/Atlas (Charles Roven, Paul Junger Witt & Edward L. McDonnell)
US 1999
115 mins


W: David O. Russell [story by John Ridley]
DP: Newton Thomas Sigel
Ed: Robert K. Lambert
Mus: Carter Burwell
PD: Catherine Hardwicke

George Clooney (Archie Gates), Mark Wahlberg (Troy Barlow), Ice Cube (Chief Elgin), Spike Jonze (Conrad Vig), Jamie Kennedy (Walter Wogaman), Mykelti Williamson (Col. Horn), Cliff Curtis (Amir Abdullah), Said Taghmaoui (Capt. Said), Judy Greer (Cathy Daitch)

At the end of the Gulf War in 1991, a small group of American soldiers desert their ranks to locate Saddam Hussein's hoard of gold buried behind enemy lines.
Partially satirical, partial black comedy war adventure before becoming neither here nor there. Very entertaining for the most part, but the best scenes come in the first 20 minutes. 
Critics seemed to appreciate it more than audiences, deeming it the only good thing to come out of the Middle East conflict.

Three Kings
Three Kings