That Darn Cat

D: Robert Stevenson
Disney (Ron Miller & Bill Walsh)
US 1965
116 mins


W: Bill Walsh [based on the novel "Undercover Cat" by The Gordons]
DP: Edward Colman
Ed: Cotton Warburton
Mus: Bob Brunner

Hayley Mills (Patti Randall), Dean Jones (Agent Zeke Kelso), Dorothy Provine (Ingrid Randall), Roddy McDowall (Gregory Benson), Neville Brand (Dan)

An intelligent but troublesome cat foils a gang of bank robbers.
Corny and dated live action family comedy from Disney, starring Hayley Mills at the very height of her appeal. Young kids might still find it enjoyable, but a long time has passed since what was deemed enjoyable in 1965. 
A 1997 remake was released, once again by Disney, starring Christina Ricci, but it was largely charmless.
That Darn Cat
That Darn Cat