Take Shelter

D: Jeff Nichols
Sony Picture Classics/Hydraulx/Rei Capital/Grove Hill (Sophia Lin & Tyler Davidson)
US 2011
121 mins


W: Jeff Nichols
DP: Adam Stone
Ed: Parke Gregg
Mus: David Wingo

Michael Shannon (Curtis LaForche), Jessica Chastain (Samantha LaForche), Katy Mixon (Nat), Shea Whigham (Dewart), Kathy Baker (Sarah), Ray McKinnon (Kyle)

Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon) experiences a series of apocalyptic visions forecasting a destructive storm and prepares his family for the worst, but are his thoughts a prophecy or merely a figment of an imagination affected by mental illness?
This ecological-minded Field Of Dreams focuses on the relationship between Curtis and his family, particularly his wife, Samantha, who attempts to hold the unit together during this testing time.
The acting performances of Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain give a lot of weight to this small film, while the ending shot presents an almost bittersweet irony.

Michael Shannon in Take Shelter
Michael Shannon in Take Shelter