The Sweetest Thing

D: Roger Kumble
Columbia (Cathy Konrad)
US 2002
88 mins


W: Nancy M. Pimenthal
DP: Anthony Richmond
Ed: Wendy Greene Bricmont & David Rennie
Mus: Edward Shearmur

Cameron Diaz (Christina Walters), Christina Applegate (Courtney Rockcliffe), Selma Blair (Jane Burns), Thomas Jane (Peter Donahue), Jason Bateman (Roger Donahue), Parker Posey (Judy Webb)

I guess the title must be ironic, since there really isn't anything sweet about this bitterly unpleasant sex comedy.
Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate & Selma Blair spend 88 minutes acting like sluts and sing a song about how big a guy's cock should be. There's also some other story crammed in, but it mostly revolves around how promiscuous these three characters are...
It's only 88 minutes long, but you'll want every second back after watching it.

The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing