The Sure Thing

D: Rob Reiner
Monument/Embassy (Roger Birnbaum)
US 1985
94 mins


W: Steven L. Bloom & Jonathan Roberts
DP: Robert Elswit
Ed: Robert Leighton
Mus: Tom Scott

John Cusack (Walter Gibson), Daphne Zuniga (Alison Bradbury), Anthony Edwards (Lance), Boyd Gaines (Jason), Tim Robbins (Gary Cooper), Lisa Jane Persky (Mary Ann Webster)

Walter & Alison, a pair of college students who dislike each other, carpool across America with another couple so Alison can go to college and Walter can hook up with a "sure thing" on the sandy shores of California. Despite their initial differences, they growing fond of each other and eventually end up falling in love.
Kind of a teen-orientated 1980's version of It Happened One Night (qv), with good performances from John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga as the unlikely odd couple. The plot also partially foreshadows one of the same director's next films (When Harry Met Sally).

John Cusack & Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing
John Cusack & Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing