The Stuff

D: Larry Cohen
New World (Paul Kurta)
US 1985
93 mins


W: Larry Cohen
DP: Paul Glickman
Ed: Armand Lebowitz
Mus: Anthony Guefen

Michael Moriarty (David 'Mo' Rutherford), Andrea Marcovicci (Nicole), Garrett Morris (Charlie Hobbs), Paul Sorvino (Col. Spears), Scott Bloom (Jason), Danny Aiello (Mr. Vickers)

Larry Cohen made quite a career for himself in the 1980's making low budget schlock, but it has to be said that his movies are a lot better than they have any right to be.
This satirical horror sees the population of the world becoming addicted to a mysterious and monstrous goo-like substance, branded as The Stuff, which becomes mass produced for human consumption.
As a horror film, The Stuff is incredibly silly, but as a satire on consumerism, addiction and obsession it's a guilty pleasure. It doesn't benefit from much plot line, the visual effects are tacky and the performances are ridiculously hammy, but it still has enough of the right stuff for an enjoyable B-movie. If junk food could be a movie, here it is.

The Stuff
The Stuff