Swimming With Sharks

D: George Huang
Starlight/Cineville/Neofight/Mama'z Boy (Steve Alexander & Joanne Moore)
US 1995
93 mins


W: George Huang
DP: Steven Finestone
Ed: Ed Marx
Mus: Tom Heil & Marco d'Ambrosio

Frank Whaley (Guy), Kevin Spacey (Buddy Ackerman), Benicio del Toro (Rex), Michelle Forbes (Dawn Lockard), T.E. Russell (Foster Kane), Roy Dotrice (Cyrus Miles)

A young, naive assistant to a film executive takes revenge on the pugnacious boss who steals his screenplay idea.
Swimming With Sharks is a bitterly acerbic black comedy about the dog eat dog nature of Hollywood. Worth a watch for the spiteful dialogue and Kevin Spacey's scene stealing performance as a horrible bastard, but the unconvincing ending feels like it comes out of nowhere and doesn't quite fit in with everything that preceded it. Robert Altman's 1992 film The Player (qv) tackled a similar theme in a much better fashion.

Frank Whaley & Kevin Spacey in Swimming With Sharks
Frank Whaley & Kevin Spacey in Swimming With Sharks