D: Greg Mottola
Columbia (Judd Apatow & Shauna Robertson)
US 2007
108 mins


W: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
DP: Russ Alsobrook
Ed: William Kerr
Mus: Lyle Workman

Michael Cera (Evan), Jonah Hill (Seth), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fogell (McLovin)), Emma Stone (Jules), Martha Macisaac (Becca), Seth Rogen (Officer Michaels), Bill Hader (Officer Slater)

Superbad is probably a good way to describe the taste of humour on show here, from the Judd Apatow school of filmmaking which previously produced the movie's The 40-Year-Old Virgin & Knocked Up.
Evan, Seth and Fogell (Cera, Hill & Mintz-Plasse, respectively) are a trio of foul-mouthed high school teenagers who plan one last booze-fuelled weekend before graduation. With the help of Fogell's fake Hawaiian driving licence on which his name is McLovin', they hope to buy alcohol for a classmate's house party, but their plans go awry when they are separated and "McLovin'" is taken in by a pair of incompetent police officers.
It's a fair assessment of the behaviour of teenage boys no matter the generation without going too much over the top. The filmmaking style allows for a lot of ad-libbing which is where the majority of memorable one-liners materialise. It won't be found funny by everyone and will be most appreciated by the male side of the audience, and most certainly by those around the same age as the main group of characters.