Super Mario Brothers

This ain't no game
This ain't no game
D: Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel
Lightmotive/Allied/Cinergi (Jake Eberts & Roland Joffé)
US 1993
104 mins


W: Parker Bennett, Terry Runté & Ed Solomon [based on characters created by Shigeru Miyamoto & Takashi Tezuka]
DP: Dean Semler
Ed: Caroline Ross
Mus: Alan Silvestri

Bob Hoskins (Mario), John Leguizamo (Luigi), Dennis Hopper (King Koopa), Samantha Mathis (Daisy), Fisher Stevens (Iggy), Richard Edson (Spike), Fiona Shaw (Lena)

Amongst the first films to attempt to transfer the characters from a popular video game series onto the big screen. It really doesn't work.
The film sees Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the Mario Brothers, two plumbers who must save a princess from another dimension ruled by reptilian creatures who have descended from dinosaurs. 
Everything about the film is below standard, from the casting decisions to the atrocious screenplay, the makeup and visual effects to the production design. 
Despite all its shortcomings, it managed to do some modest business at the worldwide box office and also began a short-lived spate for many other video games to get the big screen treatment.
Skip the movie and play the games instead.

John Leguizamo & Bob Hoskins in Super Mario Brothers
John Leguizamo & Bob Hoskins in Super Mario Brothers