Sully: Miracle on the Hudson


D: Clint Eastwood

Warner Bros/Malpaso/Village Roadshow (Clint Eastwood, Frank Marshall, Tim Moore & Allyn Stewart)

US 2016

96 mins


W: Todd Komarnicki [based on the biographical book "Highest Duty" by Chesley Sullenberger & Jeffrey Zaslow]

DP: Tom Stern

Ed: Blu Murray

Mus: Christian Jacob

Tom Hanks (Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger), Aaron Eckhart (Jeff Skiles), Laura Linney (Lorraine Sullenberger), Anna Gunn (Dr. Elizabeth Davis)

Clint Eastwood & Tom Hanks' first collaboration does make incredibly interesting viewing, tackling the true story of a miracle crash landing on the Hudson River by veteran commercial pilot Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger.

The film focuses on the event itself, as well as the investigative hearing following the near-disaster, where it is challenged whether or not Sully's course of action was the correct one to spare the lives of all the passengers on board.

The film has a modest running time of only 96 minutes, which it's all the better for as it doesn't have the need for plodding exposition or subplots which go nowhere. The performances of Tom Hanks & Aaron Eckhart are both excellent, and the visual recreation of the event itself is incredibly well reconstructed, with brilliant use of sound & visual effects.


Sully: Miracle on the Hudson
Sully: Miracle on the Hudson