Some people get into trouble no matter what they wear
Some people get into trouble no matter what they wear
D: Andrew Bergman
Rank/Castle Rock/Turner (Mike Lobell)
US 1996
117 mins


W: Andrew Bergman [based on the novel by Carl Hiaasen]
DP: Stephen Goldblatt
Ed: Anne V. Coates
Mus: Howard Shore

Demi Moore (Erin Grant), Burt Reynolds (David Dilbeck), Armand Assante (Lt. Al Garcia), Ving Rhames (Shad), Robert Patrick (Darrell Grant), Rumer Willis (Angela Grant)

Who remembers Demi Moore? She was female lead in one of the most successful movies of 1990 before flushing her career down the toilet by starring in this botched adaptation of a satirical novel about a single mother working as a stripper who becomes involved in a murder case when a corrupt politician takes an interest in her.
I actually have no idea what genre this film is aiming for. I'm guessing it's a comedy because it's so damn hilarious, albeit unintentionally due to the terrible script and atrocious acting. Alas, it's just another skinflick from the mid 90's with about as much credibility as a softcore film.      
Demi Moore's acting skills are as atrociously unrealistic as her tits (or Burt Reynolds wig). As for the stripteases... Dancing to Annie Lennox songs just isn't sexy, no matter how curvaceous the surgically-enhanced body. Nice tits, shit film.

Demi Moore in Striptease
Demi Moore in Striptease