Streets of Fire

Tonight is what it means to be young
Tonight is what it means to be young
D: Walter Hill
Universal/RKO (Lawrence Gordon & Joel Silver)
US 1984
94 mins


W: Walter Hill & Larry Gross
DP: Andrew Laszlo
Ed: Freeman Davies & Michael Ripps
Mus: Ry Cooder

Michael Paré (Tom Cody), Diane Lane (Ellen Aim), Rick Moranis (Billy Fish), Amy Madigan (McCoy), Willem Dafoe (Raven Shaddock)

A professional mercenary takes on a criminal gang to save his rock star ex-girlfriend. 
A comic-book style action movie with a unique sense of filmmaking style which wasn't quite appreciated at its time of release and possibly could have done better had it been made a decade later.
Decent soundtrack, but a rather average film.

Streets of Fire
Streets of Fire