Stir of Echoes

D: David Koepp
20th Century Fox/Artisan (Gavin Palone & Judy Hoffland)
US 1999 (released 2000)
99 mins


W: David Koepp [based on the novel by Richard Matheson]
DP: Fred Murphy
Ed: Jill Savitt
Mus: James Newton Howard

Kevin Bacon (Tom Witzky), Kathryn Erbe (Maggie Witzky), Ileana Douglas (Lisa), Kevin Dunn (Frank McCarthy), Liza Weil (Debbie Kozac), Jennifer Morrison (Samantha Kozac)

After being hypnotised by his sister-in-law at a party, a repair man in Boston becomes haunted by psychic visions about a local murder.
An intense, thrilling, well scripted and acted psychological horror which balances perfectly between a murder mystery and compelling tale of obsession. Though it was reasonably well received by critics at its time of release, it didn't quite strike a chord with audiences, possibly because it marketed itself too close to The Sixth Sense (qv), released a year earlier, which it bares absolutely no resemblance to. Still, this was amongst the most underrated films of its year. 

Kevin Bacon in Stir of Echoes
Kevin Bacon in Stir of Echoes