D: Barry Levinson
Warner Bros./Baltimore/Constant/Punch (Michael Crichton, Andrew Wald & Barry Levinson)
US 1998
133 mins

Science Fiction/Thriller

W: Stephen Hauser & Paul Attanasio [based on the novel by Michael Crichton]
DP: Adam Greenberg
Ed: Stu Linder
Mus: Elliott Goldenthal
PD: Norman Reynolds 

Dustin Hoffman (Dr. Norman Goodman), Sharon Stone (Dr. Beth Halperin), Samuel L. Jackson (Dr. Harry Adams), Peter Coyote (Capt. Harold C. Barnes), Liev Schreiber (Dr. Ted Fielding), Queen Latifah (Alice 'Teeny' Fletcher)

A team of scientists are deployed deep beneath the ocean to investigate a mysterious metal orb which may or may not be of extra-terrestrial origin.
The filmmakers missed a huge trick while adapting Michael Crichton's novel, perhaps because they didn't understand it, or more likely because they were lazy and just wanted to follow the exact same formula which was used in 1989's The Abyss (qv).
The performances are all poorly miscast, including Dustin Hoffman, who actually seemed like a good fit for the character on paper, but is suffers hugely from misdirection, as did the movie itself which was amongst 1998's biggest box office failures.
Skip the film, read the book instead. All meaning and intelligence is lost here.