Son of Rambow

D: Garth Jennings
Optimum/Paramount Vantage/Canal+ (Nick Goldsmith)
UK/US/France/Germany 2007 (released 2008)
95 mins


W: Garth Jennings
DP: Jess Hall
Ed: Dominic Leung
Mus: Joby Talbot

Bill Milner (Will Proudfoot), Will Poulter (Lee Carter), Jules Sitruk (Didier Revol), Neil Dudgeon (Brother Joshua), Jessica Stevenson (Mary Proudfoot)

Much better than any of the actual sequels to the original Rambo film (First Blood).
Son of Rambow is a nostalgia trip of the 80's and quite charming feelgood movie about friendship featuring two rather excellent juvenile performances about two boys from the same school, but different sides of the housing estates, become friends and decide to make an amateur remake of Rambo together.
Writer/director Garth Jennings recreates the period brilliantly, including all the fashion and trends of the time, from pseudo punks to glue sniffing to playing the UK top 40 off a cassette tape recorded from radio.
A must watch for anyone who grew up during the decade. 
Will Poulter & Bill Milner in Son of Rambow
Will Poulter & Bill Milner in Son of Rambow