D: Phil Alden Robinson
Universal (Walter F. Parkes & Lawrence Lasker)
US 1992
125 mins


W: Phil Alden Robinson, Walter F. Parkes & Lawrence Lasker
DP: John Lindley
Ed: Tom Rolf
Mus: James Horner

Robert Redford (Martin Bishop), Dan Aykroyd (Darren 'Mother' Roskow), Ben Kingsley (Cosmo), River Phoenix (Carl Arbogast), Sidney Poitier (Donald Crease), David Strathairn (Irwin 'Whistler' Emery), Mary McDonnell (Liz)

Sneakers is a unique caper with a stellar cast which somehow managed to sneak away from getting its due attention during its cinema release in 1992.
A group of oddball computer hackers are hired to reclaim an electronic device from a criminal mastermind who plans to hack into government resources.
A surprisingly fun caper, with a good vein of humour running through it and enjoyable performances from its talented ensemble, though you could argue that Robert Redford & Sidney Poitier are a little too old to be playing the lead duo, they surprisingly get away with it. Sneaky indeed.
Quite possibly one of the most under-appreciated films of the early 1990's and well worth catching if you can find it (it's proved to be quite elusive since its release).

The cast of Sneakers
The cast of Sneakers