Sleeping Beauty

D: Clyde Geronimi
Disney (Ken Peterson)
US 1959
75 mins


W: Erdman Penner [based on the books "La Belle Au Bois Dormant" by Charles Perrault, "Little Briar Rose" by The Brothers Grimm & the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky]
Mus: George Bruns

voices of: Mary Costa (Princess Aurora), Bill Shirley (Prince Phillip), Eleanor Audley (Maleficent), Verna Felton (Flora), Barbara Jo Allen (Fauna), Barbara Luddy (Merryweather)

Like Cinderella, this is a Disney cartoon feature which appeals far more to younger girls than it would younger boys. A stereotype, I know, but I still believe it's an accurate one.
Adapted from three sources, the fairytale of a beautiful princess put to sleep by the spell of a wicked witch fits in well with the rest of the Disney production line, but the story is just too light to build a feature around, therefore there's a lot of filler which doesn't relevantly serve the plot, as well as a lot of songs which aren't particularly memorable in comparison to those from previous films.
Ironically, it's little princesses who will be awoken by this feature and it's the little princes who will be put to sleep.
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty