The Seven Year Itch


D: Billy Wilder

20th Century Fox (Charles K. Feldman & Billy Wilder)

US 1955

105 mins


W: George Axelrod & Billy Wilder [based on the play by George Axelrod]

DP: Milton Krasner

Ed: Hugh S. Fowler

Mus: Alfred Newman

PD: Lyle Wheeler & George W. Davis 

Cos: Travilla & Charles LeMaire

Marilyn Monroe (The Girl), Tom Ewell (Richard Sherman), Evelyn Keyes (Helen Sherman), Sonny Tutts (Tom McKenzie), Oscar Homolka (Dr. Brubaker)

Although this film features one of Marilyn Monroe's most iconic moments on the silver screen, it has not dated well at all. A rarity for a Billy Wilder film.

Tom Ewell may not get top billing but he plays the lead role of Richard Sherman, a publisher whose wife and son have gone on holiday for the summer, while he stays at their Manhattan apartment where a beautiful tenant (known only as 'The Girl') subletting the room upstairs becomes the object of his infatuation and a series of imaginary moments transpire between the two. 

Though the film captures the culture and mannerisms of the 1950's, it's far too twee by modern standards and just doesn't dare to be brave enough. 


Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch
Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch