The Santa Clause

D: John Pasquin
Disney (Brian Reilly, Jeffrey Silver & Robert Newmyer)
US 1994
95 mins


W: Leonard Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick
DP: Walt Lloyd
Ed: Larry Bock 
Mus: Michael Convertino

Tim Allen (Scott Calvin / Santa Claus), Eric Lloyd (Charlie Calvin), Wendy Crewson (Laura Miller), Judge Reinhold (Dr. Neil Miller)

When Santa Claus falls off his roof while delivering presents, an advertising executive dons the red suit to finish the job, unwittingly aware that, by doing so, he's become the permanent replacement.
For kids, this is a near perfect Christmas film, with the perfect balance of comedy, fantasy and charm. Though, for adults, the comedy is far too reliant on fat jokes, but it's unlikely that any high-brow humour is going to come from a children's film, so this can be quite easily forgiven.
A couple of inferior sequels followed. 
Tim Allen in The Santa Clause
Tim Allen in The Santa Clause