Silver Streak

D: Arthur Hiller 
20th Century Fox (Edward K. Milkis & Thomas L. Miller)
US 🇺🇸 1976
113 mins


W: Colin Higgins
DP: David M. Walsh
Ed: David Bretherton
Mus: Henry Mancini

Gene Wilder (George Caldwell), Richard Pryor (Grover Muldoon), Jill Clayburgh (Hilly Burns), Patrick McGoohan (Roger Devereau), Ned Beatty (Bob Sweet)

A spoof of Hitchcockian thrillers and 1970's disaster movies, both of which were still incredibly popular with audiences during the time of release.
Gene Wilder stars as a hapless publisher who witnesses a murder on a transcontinental train and becomes involved in the conspiracy to cover it up.
This memorable comedy-thriller is among Wilder's best works, which saw his first on-screen collaboration with fellow comedian Richard Pryor, albeit a partnership which only comes into fruition halfway through the film.
It's all very silly, but still a lot of fun.

Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor in Silver Streak
Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor in Silver Streak