Shoot 'em Up

D: Michael Davis 
Alliance (Susan Mountford, Don Murphy & Rick Benattar)
US 2007
86 mins


W: Michael Davis
DP: Peter Pau
Ed: Peter Amundson
Mus: Paul Haslinger

Clive Owen (Smith), Monica Bellucci (Donna Quintano), Paul Giamatti (Hertz), Stephen McHattie (Hammerson)   

A ridiculously over-the-top homage to both Hong Kong action cinema and shoot-em-up video games with a higher body count than actual lines of dialogue.
A mysterious carrot-chomping vigilante (Clive Owen) rescues a pregnant woman from an assassination, delivers the baby, and cares for it after she passes away as the bad guys continue their pursuit.
It's the kind of over-the-top action which you'd expect from a videogame, complete with a cackling villain, beautiful prostitutes and cartoonish violence, all of which make it practically impossible to not enjoy. It knows that it's nonsense, just remove brain, crack open some beers and enjoy. At a mere 86 minutes, what's the worst that could happen?

Clive Owen in Shoot 'em Up
Clive Owen in Shoot 'em Up