D: George Stevens
Paramount (George Stevens)
US 1953
118 mins


W: A. B. Guthrie, Jr. [based on the novel by Jack Schaefer]
DP: Loyal Griggs
Ed: William Hornbeck & Tom McAdoo
Mus: Victor Young

Alan Ladd (Shane), Jean Arthur (Marian Starrett), Van Heflin (Joe Starrett), Jack Palance (Jack Wilson), Brandon de Wilde (Joey Starrett), Ben Johnson (Chris Calloway)

Archetypal, classic Hollywood Western, starring Alan Ladd in the iconic title role as a mysterious stranger who protects a ranch family from a group of bandits, headed by Jack Palance with a chiseled hard man performance (which he went on to parody in 1991's City Slickers).
There have been many imitations on the same story, but none come better than the original. A deserved nominee for the Best Picture Oscar for 1953.

Alan Ladd in Shane
Alan Ladd in Shane